How to use EPDs

How to use EPDs

EPDs have been around for more nearly 40 years and are still confusing for many unless they are exposed to the basics. Although there are many ideas about how to understand or use EPDs, please take some time to watch the link below where use of EPDs is simplified.

Will’s Delimma

Will Townsend is a great man and a good friend. Information gives him profit. Not sure where he sampled his Shorthorn genetics from, but if you see in the article, they just aren’t kicking it for him. Are you using the technology available through the sire summary to make...

Testing our Sires

BSG has and will continue to test our sires in the Great State Feedout recognized by the American Shorthorn Association. A lot of people assume they have feeding cattle figured out because you just need to select for growth and muscle. At BSG we understand the need for breed...

Simply, THANKS

I want to take a moment to thank all of the bidders and buyers of the mature cow herd at the Form To Function Sale. It has been a heck of a 22 years raising Shorthorns through 4-H, college, professional careers, and the blooming of new families. We love...