Industry Driven. Shorthorn Focused.


Working Class Enterprise

We run our cows like our commercial customers. It is very cliché to say, but the cattle at BSG work for us and pay their way for our customers. We believe in building a better Shorthorn for the commercial cattleman who wants to improve profitability, so Greens Fork is essentially a boot camp for the real world of beef production, not a fitting center for maximizing marketability.

Durable Seedstock

Repeated customer reports from registered and commercial stockmen alike share that BSG females calve on time and breed back fast in their new environments. BSG bulls do not melt or exhaust at different operations, that is because we do not handle or fatten our seedstock for prime bovine merchandizing. The BSG prefix means more than bettering our cohorts in average sale price, it means cattle that have more staying power in order to generate long term profits for the low-input, tight budget beef producer.

Data Driven Decisions

We are committed to helping you make educated breeding decisions which will affect your herd for many years to come. Relying on facts via science and not emotion drives our breeding decisions and genetic recommendations. We fully incorporate genomic technology and International Genetic Solutions’ full suite of EPDs, along with public and in-house economic selection indexes to generate the most profitable Shorthorn animals we can cultivate.

Serious Standards

Simply being a good-looking Shorthorn bull or female is not good enough for today’s larger beef industry. We know it has to be a special and dynamic Shorthorn to meet your sophisticated list of values. We keep our standards very high, therefore our saleable bull volume very low. If we don’t have bulls available, we are glad to help you find the right kind of Shorthorn or Shorthorn composite for your business.

What Beef Industry Leaders Have to Say...