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Testing our Sires

Testing our Sires 150 150 Luke Bowman

BSG has and will continue (when we can) to test our sires in the Trial-County Steer Carcass program, once recognized by the American Shorthorn Association. You know a lot of people assume they have cattle feeding figured out because you just need to select for growth and muscle. At BSG we understand the need for…

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Why use these scary numbers called EPDs?

Why use these scary numbers called EPDs? 150 150 Luke Bowman

One thing that tended to really grind my gears in a previous career, and still does today, is when people ask about performance by asking, “What’s the average Weaning Weight?” or “What was the average MARB score?” The fact of the matter is when this is asked, people are asking for “How hard were they…

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Indexes? Whats this “new” stuff?

Indexes? Whats this “new” stuff? 150 150 Luke Bowman

We understand there is heartburn among cattle breeders to embrace the idea of $Value Indexes. We say, “Fear Not!” Although the basic function of EPDs is often thought unreliable, the truth of the matter is that the populations of breeders that have utilized these tools, tend to be the most successful in the long term.…

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Profit via Genetics – Dr. Wade Shafer

Profit via Genetics – Dr. Wade Shafer 150 150 Luke Bowman

The days of the argument that “My breed is better than yours” are numbered. As our society changes, and margins become thinner, cattle will follow the way of the pork and poultry industries in search of the most profitable animal. At BSG we embrace this science, while always being committed to the Shorthorn germplasm. We…

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Thanks, Mom & Dad

Thanks, Mom & Dad 150 150 Luke Bowman

I want to take a moment to thank all of the bidders and buyers of the mature cow herd dispersal at the Form To Function Sale. It has been a heck of a 22 years raising Shorthorns through 4-H, college, professional careers, and the blooming of new families. We love Shorthorn cattle and the people…

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Good Looking, Below Average Cattle

Good Looking, Below Average Cattle 600 429 admin

They are everywhere. Does your genetic provider care about genetic progress? If so how do they prove it?  Do they know that progress is measureable? Do they submit information that backs up their claims, or do they eyeball BW, WW, YW, etc.? Does your genetic provider know the difference between red meat and white meat…

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