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October 2022

Getting EPDs right on show cattle

Getting EPDs right on show cattle 150 150 Luke Bowman

Originally published in the Western Livestock Journal, Oct 21, 2022 By Dr. Bob Hough   There is a common myth that all performance cattle have bad structure and all show cattle have bad EPDs. These beliefs are simply not true on both accounts. For show cattle, it is true that a certain number have lower-than-desired…

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Multiple Paths, Same Endpoint

Multiple Paths, Same Endpoint 150 150 Luke Bowman

Luke’s Preface… The greatest gift the ASA membership has received in the twenty-first century is the incorporation of economic selection $Indexes into our national cattle evaluation (performance database). It has literally taken us away from single trait selection and forced breeders to consider animals that are more (or less) profitable on the average farm/ranch enterprise.…

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