Marty said it best…

Marty said it best…

Marty said it best… 150 150 Luke Bowman

A Facebook post by friend of BSG, Marty Ropp, of Allied Genetic Resources, back in the summer of 2018.

It’s timeless.

“If your seedstock provider doesn’t use or discourages you from using EPDs and genetic tools to make decisions, they truly have only their success in mind and not yours. Promoting ignorance to remain successful as a seedstock producer is negligence pure and simple! This industry has got to move forward. EPDs are simple. All the data turned in by producers on millions of animals is evaluated and the winners are announced based on all the information submitted. Instead of listening to one producer tell you how profitable their genetics are, it polls everyone who has ever used those genetics and gives you a clear picture of how they really work. In that way, EPDs are a little like a huge customer survey.

Anyone can make their cattle look good with a lot of extra feed and environment, but they can’t hide the data their customers submit as to how the genetics actually performed for the folks that need genetic improvement the most. When you take all that information into account, then combine it with the latest in cutting edge DNA technology you have a very powerful tool capable of cutting through all the smoke and mirrors and getting to the facts. Yes, absolutely evaluate fitness! Feet, udders, disposition, and environmental adaptability are crucial to success. However, anyone who tells you that you can’t have those traits, plus the added profitability guaranteed by third party verified EPDs is selling you half of the product they should be, plain and simple. Would any of us seriously consider buying below average seed corn, purchasing a below average baler or purposely send out children to a low-quality school??

Procuring even average genetics that will absolutely affect your herd and bottom line for the next 10-20 years seems illogical too. As a customer you deserve the best. An easy place to start is with a future focused and committed seedstock source that employs all the EPD tools available to guarantee progress in profitability. It just makes sense for today and even more sense for the future.”