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2021 MARC Update 150 150 Luke Bowman

2021 MARC Update

Aligns with our focus on all traits, but especially MARB vs. REA….

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Shorthorns – Maternal or Terminal? 150 150 Luke Bowman

Shorthorns – Maternal or Terminal?

Here is an excellent article written by Dr. Ron Bolze, a former Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the American Shorthorn Association. This article really helped shape the organized direction of BSG in the early 2000’s, post our Junior run. Shorthorns – Maternal or Terminal? by Dr. Ron Bozle Hopefully, this title has caught your attention.  I think this…

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No hype: EPDs work 150 150 Luke Bowman

No hype: EPDs work

Borrowed from Western Livestock Journal, June 26, 2018: — Due to objective genetic predictions such as EPDs (expected progeny differences) and indexes, the cattle industry has made tremendous progress in production and efficiency. However, as the models that produce the predictions become more sophisticated and producers understand less of the mathematics behind them, some people…

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How to use EPDs 150 150 Luke Bowman

How to use EPDs

EPDs have been around for more nearly 40 years and are still confusing for many unless they are exposed to the basics. Although there are many ideas about how to understand or use EPDs, please take some time to watch the link below where use of EPDs is simplified.

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Bull Buying Simplified 150 150 Luke Bowman

Bull Buying Simplified

By Marty Ropp If you are among the many out there who feel as if it is becoming more difficult to identify the genetics you need to move forward and make more profit, hopefully the following words will be of help. There is little doubt that the amount of information that is presented to bull…

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Balanced, maternal or just mediocre? 150 150 Luke Bowman

Balanced, maternal or just mediocre?

Thank you Troy Marshall for this excellent article! SPOT ON!

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Composite Bulls increasing in Demand in Small Herds 150 150 Luke Bowman

Composite Bulls increasing in Demand in Small Herds

COMPOSITE BULLS HAVE BECOME POPULAR IN SOME AREAS by: Heather Smith Thomas Heterosis (hybrid vigor) has proven its value in many agricultural sectors—whether production of hybrid corn, hogs or beef. There are three kinds of heterosis; individual (the calf), maternal, and paternal. Of the three, paternal heterosis has had the least attention. Research studies have…

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Will’s Dilemma 150 150 Luke Bowman

Will’s Dilemma

Will Townsend is a great man and a good friend. Information gives him profit. Not sure where he sampled his Shorthorn genetics from, but if you see in the article, they just aren’t kicking it for him. Are you using the technology available through the sire summary (EPD database) to make Shorthorns in order to…

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Testing our Sires 150 150 Luke Bowman

Testing our Sires

BSG has and will continue (when we can) to test our sires in the Trial-County Steer Carcass program, once recognized by the American Shorthorn Association. You know a lot of people assume they have cattle feeding figured out because you just need to select for growth and muscle. At BSG we understand the need for…

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Why use these scary numbers called EPDs? 150 150 Luke Bowman

Why use these scary numbers called EPDs?

One thing that tended to really grind my gears in a previous career, and still does today, is when people ask about performance by asking, “What’s the average Weaning Weight?” or “What was the average MARB score?” The fact of the matter is when this is asked, people are asking for “How hard were they…

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