The following sires have been used the the BSG herd for being proven sires of fantastic, efficient cows that excel for Calving Ease, Udder Quality and Fleshing Ability. We have no issue with using hybrid cattle as seedstock; after all, America’s cow is the crossbred female. Folks often focus too much on only maximizing heterosis of the F1 cross, but making composite cattle that carry the benefits of proven genes excite us about the future of Shorthorn-influenced cattle. Each sire has been proven in the Commercial Industry before being sampled at BSG.

Connealy Capitalist 028

Breed: Angus
Reg: 16752262
(Final Answer x Bextor)

His dam is our pick of the 2,000 plus cows at Connealy Angus Ranch in NE. Noted as the ultimate cowmaker, his influence is spread far and wide around the world. Visually the thickest and stoutest Angus most have every observed, but still considered a proven Calving Ease option.

W/C United 956Y

Breed: SimAngus
Reg: 2614725
(TNT Tuition x SAV Bismarck)

Phenotypically, the Capitalist of the SimGenetics world. Ranking in the Top 1% for WW & YW, this sire adds pounds like few ever have and still keeps frame score in check! His cattle are so attractive and massive, rarely does he only get sampled for one year.

Thomas Top Hand 0536

Breed: Angus
Reg: 2614725
(SAV Bismarck x In Focus)

One of the greatest proven sires of modern times in the Angus business. He ranks in the Top 5% or better for CED, WW, YW, while also ranking in the Top 1% for Residual Average Daily Gain and Top 1% for Dry Matter Intake! But it gets better as he ranks in the Top 1% for $Beef Index! His pedigree screams great cows, and his mother is now a donor at Quaker Hill Farms in VA.

Tex Demand 2791

Breed: Angus
Reg: 17449802
(Rito 9M25 x In Focus)

A high ranking spread sire who ranks in the Top 1% for Marbling. Dying at an early age, we were fortunate to sample him in his rook year. His pedigree is filled with some of the most influential cattle in the history of Wehrmann, Gardiner and Rishel Angus genetics.

Connealy Danny 5398

Breed: Angus
Reg: 15150630
(Danny Boy x EGL Target)

A wonderful fit for Shorthorn females. A low BW, high REA sire that was first proven in the commercial world before taking off in the registered sector. He is a rare sire ranking in the Top 1% for FAT and $Yield Grade, while also ranking in the Top 10% of $Energy!

B A R Ext Traveler 205

Breed: Angus
(EXT x Traveler 6807)

One of the most used sires in the history of Select Sires. Was bred to tens of thousands of commercial heifer to accomplish 2 things: Calving Ease and Rugged, Hard Working Pretty cows. Arguably the most influential son of N-Bar Emulation EXT.